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Security Consulting

All too often the willingness to change is written in blood.

Many tragedies could be prevented with proper training, sound advice and the fortitude to carry out preemptive change.

Taking a proactive approach to security may not be popular, but when it comes to protecting lives, never compromising this principle should be at the foundation of the decision-making process.

With our affiliated partners located worldwide, vetted experienced professionals are available for global security operations.

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Firearms & Equipment Sales

Selecting a firearm for home and personal defense can be overwhelming. It does not have to be.
Get expert advice from those who carry firearms professionally for a living.

We also consult and advise Law Enforcement on current trends and industry offerings. Before making a large agency purchase call our offices to arrange a demonstration.


Special Programs

Firebase CSG, partners with industry professionals for research and development of products that will enhance operator survivability and performance. We also support Law Enforcement and private training institutions with course curriculums and training programs.

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