Project Warrior Class

“A strong society is less likely to be conquered by its enemies”
As the number of terrorist attacks surge on our soil, we can no longer sit by, doing nothing. Many have been asking for defensive training, ranging from personal protection, personal defense and firearms. From my experience as an armed professional for over 28 years, I know it takes training…constant training… to become proficient with a firearm, and even more training to work on the decision making aspect of using force. Along with tactical skills, physical fitness needs to be top priority.
If you are not fit and ready for the fight, you could be more of a hindrance to those around you.
The typical training regiment for armed professionals and citizens is taking part in a shooting course or qualification that takes place once, maybe twice a year. It would be up to that individual to train and keep the skills sharp. Lack of consistent training and skills sustainment is a major issue for those in law enforcement, let alone defensive minded citizens.
Many times there is a will to fight. But often, the skill is lacking.
That is until now.
Firebase Combat Studies Group is searching for defensive minded citizens who seek to hone warrior skill-sets through regular organized training.
We will train, sweat and improve skills together as a community.
As the founder of Crossfit FireBase, we value community. Our vision is to carry on the spirit of community within FireBase CSG. For individuals who subscribe to our motto, “Train as if your life and those around you depend upon it”, now there is a location unifying Combat Athlete Fitness with firearms training and hand-to-hand combatives. Together through ongoing training, members will learn the importance of mindset, awareness, active shooter response, firearms manipulation, and proper equipment selection. Members will be afforded the opportunity to validate their skills with regular visits to a live fire range under the instruction of cadre members.
We are at a critical time in our society. We need to establish a warrior class, building strong minds, as well as bodies, in order to prepare for the next critical incident.
The warrior class is comprised of men and women willing to stand up against those who want to inflict harm.  
We cannot rely on law enforcement to come to the rescue.
Our society needs a warrior class to stand in the gap.
18 years of age (program for minors available upon request, minimum age 13)
Must be a US Citizen
No Criminal Convictions

Training includes:
  • Instruction by Subject Matter Experts in their fields
  • Handgun/Rifle Firearm Skills Development and Sustainment
  • Monthly Live Fire Range Sessions (range usage fee not included)
  • Defensive Tactics, to include improvised and edged weapons
  • Open Gym Hours
  • Organized Fitness Program focusing on our methodology
  • Quarterly Equipment and Firearms awards
  • 10% off Purchases of Equipment and Firearms from our store
  • Discounted Family Memberships available upon request
Call our office for more information and to schedule your class 407.906.3573
Space is limited and requires prior registration