2 Day Combat Carbine Course

This course is designed for an experienced shooter who has taken professional firearms courses in the past, can safely handle and manipulate a weapon, understanding the fundamentals of marksmanship. Proof of prior training will be requested upon registration.  Please contact our office at 407-906-3573 if you have any questions.

Location: MALABAR, FL

Cost: $550.00

Ammunition Count: FACTORY NEW
600 Rounds (No Green Tip/M855/XM855/Steel Penetrator or similar);
*We can assist with ammo purchase, contact our office for details.

Lines of Gear
Equipment Set Up
Shooting Positions
Barricades Work – Use of cover and concealment
Low Light Shooting (Depends on range restrictions)
Realistic Movement Drills
Unorthodox Shooting positions
Weapon Postures and Weapon Retention

Gear List:
Rifle- AR15 Preferred/AK47 Permitted (with quality optic)
Quality Weapon Mounted Light
Hand Held Flashlight
3-4 Serviceable 30 round Rifle Magazines
1-2 Belt Mounted Magazine Pouches, or
Chest Rig/Bandoleer
Quality Gun Belt
Rifle Sling (2 Point Adjustable Sling Preferred)
Ball Cap
Rain Gear
Knee pads
Shooting Mat (optional)
Note Pad and Pen
Weapons cleaning gear
Eye Protection
Hearing Protection (Electronic Preferred)
Head Lamp
Bug Repellent
Small Backpack

Read here before signing up:
Physically, you must be able to stand for long periods of time, as well as be capable of movements such as running, kneeling and prone positions. There will be courses of fire that require movement around obstacles and barricades. Shooters need to be comfortable shooting around other shooters.

Who can attend:
You must be a United States Citizen. You must be able to legally purchase/own/carry firearms to attend this course.
Once you are registered, our office will contact you via email to request proof of course requirements.

By registering you agree to a background check. Please provide full name, current address and age of attendee during sign up if other than yourself. If you are buying multiple slots please provide full name, current address and age of others. No one under age 21 can participate in classes.

Full payment is due at registration.

Cancellations more than 30 days before class date are refunded 50%. Cancellations within 30 days are non-refundable or can be applied toward another class in the calendar year if available.