Firebase News

Recoil Issue 23

Find Gator’s interview with David Reeder on “The Gospel of Soft Skills – Situational Awareness that could save your life” in the 5.11 Loadout insert.

Benghazi Badass

With an exclusive interview with “DB”, one of the American heroes depicted in the movie 13 Hours, Gator sits down to capture his story on how the Security team secured the Annex. 

Inaugural Issue Tactical Training Fall 2014

First time Gator was featured in publication, he appeared in over 22 pages. In his interview with Doug Jeffrey, he discussed the importance of real world training with hardcore fitness. On page 90, you will read his first ever article, “The Warrior Ethos – the Path to a Strong Mindset”

Recoil Issue 21

Wed Editor, David Reeder wants you to get to know Gator. Find out why on page 174

World of Firepower Sept/Oct 2015

Two articles were featured in this publication by Danny P. Looking for steel?  Read on how years as a Recon Marine shaped the president of RSR Steel on pg 68 Find out more on Deliberate Dynamics Gun Fighter Course on page 118 Buy your copy here

World of Firepower July/Aug 2015

Find out more about Operator Tough G-Code Holsters on page 38

World of Firepower Nov/Dec 2014

Read about 7 Improvised Weapons That Can Save Your Life

Tactical World Winter 2015

Read the Cover Story written by Gator “Combat Proven”  – The Go-To Gear the Pros Use Tactical World Winter 2015

International Travel Tips Dec 2016

Gator’s travel tips featured on Tactical360 for 5.11 Tactical Read more on his travel tips

World of Firepower May/June 2015

Read the Low Vis PDF ‘About the Cover’ here.